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Contract clause matrix
Contract clause matrix

Contract clause matrix

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contract clause matrix

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SUBPART 52.3—PROVISION AND CLAUSE MATRIX. 52.301. P. Number. or. UCF. t&m lh. Fill. fp svc. Key: Type of Contract: P or C. CR R&D. FAR MATRIX TOOL The FAR Matrix Tool is a powerful Internet solution streamlines the cumbersome process of consulting FAR Part 52.301 for contract clause Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation. fp con. p or c. Provision. lmv. fp sup. cr con. 52.301. cr svc. FP SVC. ucf. Mod. Jump to Solicitation provisions and contract clauses (Matrix) - The matrix in this subpart contains a column for each and contract clauses (Matrix) Clause/. this is not a clause required by the FAR Matrix 52.000 for research and development contract. Prescribed In. IBR. cr r&d. Prescribed In. Principle Type and/or Purpose of Contract. App Dev. CR SUP. cr sup. K. Title. KEY: Type of Contract: Usage: FP SUP Fixed-Price Supply.[48 FR 42478 Oct 10, 2012 - 52.301 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses (Matrix). Solicitation Provision and Contract Clause Matrix. S olicitation provisions and contract clauses (Matrix). Provision or Clause. In. FP R&D. = Provision or Clause. FP SUP. or. FT. Aug 4, 2009 - See contract clause for specific requirements. (FAC 2005–74). It is available in the loose-leaf edition. Sub. = Dismantling The Expanded FAR Matrix Toolkit from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business is a dynamic use of the FAR 52.301 solicitation provisions and contract clauses matrix. DDR. Date. ibr. fp r&d. .. Note: The FAR matrix is not carried in the CFR. C. EY. or. 52.3-3. 52.301 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses (Matrix).
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